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Video 18 Jan 2 notes Us vs. Them (W.A.R.) Produced by Erik Belz and Jon Parker by Shane Eli


Feed Your Ears: New Music “Us vs. Them” Shane Eli

Keep and eye out for 2 new projects from Shane Eli, “Flip” and “Enough Love”, coming soon!


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Link 28 Dec Shane Eli * hip hop album * I Can Do Better»

This album is SICK!!!  SOOOOOOO GOOD!

& FREE!  

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Link 19 Nov 64 notes SHANE ELI - FREE! Hip Hop Beats!! »

I hope you’ve been following Shane Eli and his * Free Beat Fridays * !!!

here is the latest beat titled “Hankuri”

you can find all of the other previously released beats on the lower right corner of the page

you should follow him on Twitter for music, news and of course to contact him for production work! 

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Link 8 Nov The Velvet Underground : Candy Says»

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Link 2 Nov 5 notes Shane Eli - When No One Cares (music video) »

an intense video for an incredible song about depression and suicide by the uber talented Shane Eli

"they tell you to be yourself, but you can tell that it’s not true

they love that mask you wear but you’re scared to tell them that it’s not you”

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