Link 16 Feb Shane Eli - When We Were Kings »

Music video for When We Were Kings. Great visuals for (by far) one of the most powerful hip hop songs to date. This is a man with talent. Intelligent lyrics, the best samples, and he raps with such passion it’s hard to not be moved by his music. 

check him out here

Video 14 Nov 7 notes

a video with a touch of creepy, animal heads and bikes singing a song about busted love. I can dig it.  

(Source: dearmarket)

Photo 28 Oct 37,589 notes
via Mokuo'.
Link 18 Oct 6 notes Whole Foods Parking Lot»

hilarious rap parody about the mad world of Whole Foods and hybrids. LOVE IT. 

"pay my 80 bucks for 6 things and get the heck out"

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