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Link 28 Sep Gang Starr : Mass Appeal»
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A Tribe Called Quest - Luck Of Lucien


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Link 25 Sep Cage : My mind is Kind of MORBID»
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Artist : Shane Eli 

Album : (ICDB) I Can Do Better 

Song : The Night Is Young featuring Jason Caesar

"Oh God" - exactly.  Damn.  He’s good.

GO TO HIS WEBSITE for more info and free downloads!

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underground hip hop 

nyc late 90’s

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Link 8 Sep Black Star : Hater Players»
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insanely talented L.A rapper, songwriter and producer

couldn’t stop listening if I tried!  (trust me, I’ve tried.) 

he’s that good!

this is from his second album - I Can Do Better 

track - The Arrival featuring Ahmad

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Shane Eli :

Track : When We Were Kings

Album : I Can Do Better


this is by far one of the greatest, most powerful hip hop songs ever. Yes, ever.        

He is going to DOMINATE the rap world. 

turn the volume UP

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Link 4 Sep 1 note A Tribe Called Quest : Find a Way »

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